celebrin_uial (celebrin_uial) wrote in lotr_poetry,

Where all roads end

This is a little outside of the norm for LOTR poetry, but i thought id just post it and see what you al think

They say the roads are endless
and voyages never cease, but turn round and round
as the earth revolves the sun
In this new world, where do we go
we who saw the earth before the Breaking
do our journeys end still?
or like the men from whom we veil our lands
Are we now finite?
I stand now upon the shores of the sea
the music of the waves breaking upon the stones
reminding me of Lindon
and of Mithlond
swallowed by the great Frost
Lost to me, even me an Elven Prince and King
who found Imladris in the mist,
who found the ruin of Gondor int he midst of the Turkish Mountains
Yes the world has changed
and broken it has become
But never again shall I be broken
by land or by despair, my path lies before me
as it did long ago, my people need me
who forgot how to live in world corporeal.
And so I must find, Thranduil and Mithlond, for kin cannot be sundered forever
or so I hope my love, who stands upon the shores of another land
Know you full well my plans my dear, and know also the time of my return.
So lay down your hardened heart, and grow cold to me no more
for I have not in all my years forgotten you.
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