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LiveJournal for Lord Of The Rings Poetry.

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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Subject:Moonlight on the Water
Posted by:azehlikaikum.
Time:12:35 am.

"I felt the last day in my bones,"
he said, before he left me by the water.
He felt the war raging in his blood
before they raised their swords to the sky.
He knew something I did not, something,
an idea clinging to the edge of the lake
as we swam and tried to forget.
But he could not forget, nor rest,
nor see past the on-coming battle.
I struggled to make him relax, but
it is not in his nature to forget.
He ran off without a word,
only an utterance of "warnings."
Warnings? I feel those, as well.
One in my heart saying "run,
run away, don't wait to watch him die."
But what choice do I have?
He will leave and I will remain
forever young, forever reflecting on
the moonlight on the water.

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Posted by:tevildoii.
Time:12:27 pm.
Mood: amused.
Another one, also written for the Two Towers MUD:

While travelling from Bree one day
past Barrow-downs to the High Hay
I stopped near Withywindle's brink
and crouched for a much-needed drink,
but felt at once, to my surprise,
the presence of unfriendly eyes.
Aside from frogs and one old swan
I saw no beast nor bird nor man,
nothing but the willow trees
and no sound but the murmuring breeze.
I cupped my hands and stooped again,
drinking long and deeply, when
A tree root tried to push me in!
I was surprised, but had to grin.
A show of such tomfoolery,
not from a child, but from a tree!
It tried again, with root and limb,
to seize and take me for a swim;
If I let him dunk me, then
I doubt he'd let me up again,
so nimbly I jumped back and laughed
and rapped his root-tips with my staff
while scolding thus: "I have not met
the Huorn who could best me yet."
His leaves all quivered, as with rage
then in a voice all cracked with age
and coarse as his moss-pitted bark
he started whispering something dark:
a spell of dreams, of drooping eyes,
of sleep from which I would not rise.
It caught me off-guard, and in truth
it might have snared me in my youth,
but very long my years have grown
and Sindar dreams are theirs alone.
The Willow's gall had roused my ire
and so I let him taste some fire.
Why Ben-adar or River-woman
hadn't dealt with him, or couldn't,
I cannot begin to guess.
But I knew just how to address
a Huorn so chock-full of spite
without chopping it down outright.
No, better--I transplanted shoots
of elm and maple at his roots
and placed upon them words of growth
and wards from him and grazers both.
  A fitting fate, to slowly fade,
   a victim of mere friendly shade!
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Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Subject:Thoughts from atop Hollin Ridge
Posted by:tevildoii.
Time:2:28 am.
Mood: pensive.
This is probably my best so far.

From clifftop here I gaze, alone,
Across the fields of broken stone
across the high and barren heath
Into the North where, faintly wreathed
by Valar's Sickle and Durin's Crown,
the Pole Star hangs, and there around
The heavens pivot in their flight.
As eve surrenders into night
Up mounts the Steersman of the Sky
Far freer, in his way, than I
and designates his nightly quarry,
His to chase until his starry
hunting grounds are razed by dawn.
Then He must flee, or look upon
The face of She who spurned his games,
Rewarding his romance with flames.
Diminished and cast off, he turned
To night flight. Better alone than burned.

I think on this familiar theme
Till up between the peaks a gleam
Announces Eärendil's rising.
I think of Elwing, her devising
Magical and silvered wings
to fly to him, above all things
Forsaking earthly peace and ease
to risk the perilous stellar seas
For his sake, patiently abiding
lonely journeys, moon's-wake riding.

Stories only. A children's fiction.
For I see only contradiction
between Eärendil's mythic wife
and female ways in waking life.
We watch the sun, daily chased
By him she callously defaced
And stars, alone, forever dwell
in breathless heights of Tarmenel
But none have ever witnessed this --
Fealty spanning the abyss.
I'll keep my doubts and watch the sky
Until the day I see a woman fly.

Written for The Two Towers MUD.
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Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Subject:Two Songs.
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:8:05 am.
The Paths of the Dead.
Tune: Away, Away (from The Pirates of Penzance)
Tune can be heard at: http://math.boisestate.edu/gas/pirates/html/p20.html


The time has come, the hour is here,
My journey leads beneath the mountain peak
I go ahead to meet the dead,
And Gondor's hope is lost if I prove weak.

My childhood fears have no worth now
And if I cannot go this way we lose,
It was foretold this test would come
There is no other path that I can choose.


This seems a deadly and uncanny place
To meet the spirits of another race.
I'm not afraid of anything that breathes,
But here a deadly kind of silence seethes.

Yes, here a deadly silence seethes,
Yet I call faithless him that leaves.


For Aragorn's sake, we will weather the darkness.
Our best effort make in the strangeness and starkness.
We hold him as dear as a son or a brother
Then be of good cheer, we will strengthen each other.

For love of a friend, we'll go on together
Our love for our friend will our nervous hearts tether.
The Paths of the Dead have nothing to hurt us
But dark is the day if Gimli deserts us.


I will be true to those I love
Whatever danger lurks above.

My heart may know fear, my friend I will follow,
The time of my test has now come, indeed!


The Reunion of the Hobbits.
Tune: If You Go In, You're Sure to Win (from Iolanthe)
Tune can be heard at: http://math.boisestate.edu/gas/iolanthe/hewhoshi.mid

Here is a treat, all is complete,
We have survived to find each other
Small was the hope, yet like elf rope
Stronger by far than any other.

Though my heart was almost broken
Here's the day I longed for.

Let us feast gladly side by side,
Though we must mourn for those who died
We will remember evermore
How we survived this dreadful war.

In your dear eyes, I see the skies
Over the Shire forever shining
How we have done what we have done,
That is a wonder past divining.

Though my heart was almost broken
Here's the day I longed for.

Now we have shown we are not weak,
Though we are good and kind and meek,
Yet when we're needed to be strong
We pack up iur pots and just press on.

We can't be killed, far too strong-willed,
Far too defiant and devoted.
We fight despair and while we care
Fears are all by love outvoted.

Though my heart was almost broken
Here's the day I longed for.

We have found you and you've found us,
All must forgive the laughter and fuss
Though there is much to celebrate,
All other joys just have to wait.

Crowns and kings and cities great,
Shine with glory, pomp and state,
Yet I would give all else to see
Your three dear faces smile at me!

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Monday, April 3rd, 2006

Subject:Where all roads end
Posted by:celebrin_uial.
Time:11:15 am.
This is a little outside of the norm for LOTR poetry, but i thought id just post it and see what you al think

They say the roads are endless
and voyages never cease, but turn round and round
as the earth revolves the sun
In this new world, where do we go
we who saw the earth before the Breaking
do our journeys end still?
or like the men from whom we veil our lands
Are we now finite?
I stand now upon the shores of the sea
the music of the waves breaking upon the stones
reminding me of Lindon
and of Mithlond
swallowed by the great Frost
Lost to me, even me an Elven Prince and King
who found Imladris in the mist,
who found the ruin of Gondor int he midst of the Turkish Mountains
Yes the world has changed
and broken it has become
But never again shall I be broken
by land or by despair, my path lies before me
as it did long ago, my people need me
who forgot how to live in world corporeal.
And so I must find, Thranduil and Mithlond, for kin cannot be sundered forever
or so I hope my love, who stands upon the shores of another land
Know you full well my plans my dear, and know also the time of my return.
So lay down your hardened heart, and grow cold to me no more
for I have not in all my years forgotten you.
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Friday, February 17th, 2006

Posted by:alunmillard.
Time:11:12 pm.
Hey people, anyone still alive in this community?
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Friday, September 16th, 2005

Subject:A Song of Nos Uial
Posted by:celebrin_uial.
Time:11:39 am.
This is a song i made for a fan-fic i'm writing involving an original character of mine. His father was a minor bard/ servant in Doriath, a pupil of sorts of Daeron, who came from the people of Cirdan and married an elf woman from the Hidden Kingdom. According to the context of this song they once lived by the sea until their son was born, Celebrin, who is the main character of my fan-fic. the song is happier than some of the others that i have written but I enjoy it, hehe. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Over woods and hills of stone
there lies a land once green
where flowers covered the vale
with their moonlit sheen.
I lay there with my love
'neath the stars immortal
I, to those lamps above,
sang of joy and sorrow
of those long steps we treked
through wood, vale, and mountain
of bitter farewells we said
to dear friends long parted

And she, my beloved star
bade me sing no more
of the land we left afar
with tears 'pon her cheek
and to her new born womb
she led my gentle hand
from its silver-strung loom
and bade me sing of hope
her hand lay upon mine own cheek
her eyes shone as the young moon
sorrow shall I no longer seek
for joy she hath given me

And in this twilight of silver
we lie upon the shore of this land
and tightly hold one another
for the sea sings of our wedding bed.
Night surrounds we lovers twain
the willow-maiden and the star-tree
in joy we shall live again
'til the end of the beloved stars.
Now silence shall this singer take
for lovers oft do speak long words
this world of song no longer make
and leave I the singing to the sea
of my love and me,
of my love and me(soften)
of my love and me.

(sung to a drum beat - -- - -- - -----)
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Saturday, September 10th, 2005

Subject:Legolas Poem: Returning to Mirkwood
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:3:25 pm.
Returning to Mirkwood.

I will return to my father's halls, to the vaulted halls of Thranduil.
I will lift from his heart the burden of long grief, a son's sorrow,
And tell him that his father was avenged, as the Ring fell into fire.
I will kiss my mother's cheek and banish her fears for me,
And say I came to no harm on the fields of conflict and battle,
But speak no word of the loss of Boromir, yet much of Gimli.
Him, I will call brother in my father's halls, so let them see him,
My brother of the battlefield, and dark places.
Oropher is avenged, old grudges ended,
Let not the woes of Thingol be blamed on the son of Glóin.
I will go home, though it seems home no longer,
For the sea has called me, and I am cursed with love,
Love of the white wave, the gull's wing, the wild sea.

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Thursday, September 1st, 2005

Subject:Song of the Sundered
Posted by:celebrin_uial.
Time:11:03 am.
Though long these roads we tred
a song rises in our breast
a dance lives in our steps
Though cold the night surrounds
a song surges from our lips
a dance the stars witness
here in the woods, 'neath the woven trees
Though long these paths we follow
a song brings light to eye
a dance the drum beats forth
and these lands of men hear our song again

Gone is our kingdom of silver and bronze
Gone our King of Grey Mantle
Gone our Queen, of the West unsullied
And gone our gentle princess
forever lost to they who loved her greatly
Gone is Beleg, Daeron and Mablung
Gone are Beren, Dior and Nimloth Rianeg

Yet now Sing!, Sing of the ancient days revived
Sing of songs lost in page and pen
that remain here, in our voices
in our feet
in our hands,
in our eyes
the songs of Dearon, of Beleg and of Luthien
The lays of our people undimmed
wandering but never lost
singing a bittersweet song of sorrow.

And sing! for the Days of Doriath remain
in Lorien, where stands the Silver Tree
In Greenwood, where sits Thranduil
In Mithlond, where serves the Twilight
In Imladris, Where lieth the blood of The Blessed Lost
Our kings are gone, our Kingdom fallen
and our people, In this sundering.
and Sing, for the world's ending
in the third age beneath the sun.
whom we have outlived.
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Friday, August 26th, 2005

Subject:A Sindarin love poem, The Crescent Moon
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:3:15 pm.
I Gúron.

I gúron cên velethronen
Ias palan-revia pen râd
Ai, ithil veren cenithach
Estel 'uren vi estolad.

Thîr dín cenithach, thîr dín vell
I aníron cened trî chin
Limp a níniel ah ríw garan,
Dân bannen ah calad sui lín.

Ten anno hiniath o nin.
Pedo gûr hen dartha thenin
A mibo thîr dín ah mipheleg
A tiro din, seron vell nín.


The Crescent Moon

The crescent moon sees my lover
Where he wanders far, pathless.
Ah, joyous moon, you will see
My heart's hope in an encampment.

His face you shall see, his dear face
That I desire to see through eyes
Wet and tearful with red borders,
But filled with a light like yours.

Give him news of me.
Say this heart stays true
And kiss his face with a little kiss
And watch over him, my dear lover.

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Friday, August 19th, 2005

Subject:Finrod in Prison.
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:8:05 pm.
Finrod in Prison.

Not in this darkness, not here.
I will not submit to captivity
Or let these walls of stone surround my heart.
No, I am not trapped here,
Nor is my home hidden.
I can close my eyes and hold my harp
In the vaulted halls of Nargothrond.
This bitter water turns to wine in my mouth,
The wine of Thingol's table.
The sweetness restores me,
The memory heals my grief.
I will not die here, though he desires my death.
I cannot die, only my body can be broken.
Far away, my spirit sits watching
The fleet, fair ships of the Falathrim,
Or dances beneath the moon,
Or searches Valinor for my beloved.
He thinks he can make me less,
Thinks he can vanquish me.
He has the power to take my blood,
To break my bones, to kill me,
But I will not die, not here.
I can hear the Sirion's laughter at the thought.
I see the trees of Brethil shake with mirth.
In Tasarinen, birds are singing,
Chanting greater songs of power than mine.
In Tasarinen! I am there now, beneath the willows,
Breathing clean air, seeing the leaves dance.
Build stronger walls, oh fool! I have escaped!
Though you take the head, you cannot take the crown from it.
Cut out the heart, but you cannot seize the love.
I am your prisoner and yet beyond your reach.
Who is the captive, fool? Who has lost?
My horizons stretch forever, yours are encased in stone.
I am here for friendship, what brought you here?
Under what banner did you fight? To what purpose?
You have made a city of death, in mine is life.
Lamps will shine in Nargothrond tonight,
Harps will play. I can hear a woman singing
In the sweet tongue of the Sindar.
How fair they are, and how good!
Do you see your enemies dancing?
They mock you with every step,
For elves will dance long after you have been banished,
Long after your poison has left the world.
I pity you, poor creature, trapped in hate and fear,
Envying the elves in bitter sorrow.
You will never lie beneath the willows
And sing a wordless song for the joy of being alive.
Varda despises you and loves us.
Her hand is upon my shoulder even here.
She is not afraid of your guards.
Do you think to break my people like this?
They will survive my death and avenge it.
Can you fight Nargothrond and Gondolin?
Defy Melian and Thingol?
How will you pass the gates of Gondolin?
You cannot even find them!
Do you hope I will betray them?
I would not if I could.
No threat can frighten me enough,
Nor any promise entice me.
I am your captive, yet you are powerless!
I am the High King, you a poor gaoler.
I serve my people, yet am no slave.
You are served by many, yet are no master.
Still I dance and sing in Brethil, in Gondolin, in Nargothrond.
My laughter speeds on the waves with the Falathrim.
Venison is being prepared in my halls.
Can you not smell it? Listen! Children laugh.
Elven children, free and unafraid.
They are my victory and my revenge.
My people are forever, and while they live
Finrod cannot die. Did you think I could?
Not in this place, not in this darkness.
I dwell forever in the light of the stars.

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Monday, July 25th, 2005

Subject:Upon This Shore.
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:10:52 pm.
Upon This Shore.

Upon this shore, alll bonds untie
Undying friendships seem to die
And words that held our lives in place
Fall with the relics of our race.
In dust, in doubt, fond memories
Are scattered by the seaward breeze
And hands unclasp and hearts refrain
From speaking of their love again.
We hope to meet across the sea,
But will your heart remember me?
Or will I dare, when weak with years
To seek you, on this sea of tears?
I tried to speak a warm farewell
But eyes will speak what words can't tell
And bid you turn and see once more
The grieving friend upon this shore.
White sails will bear all hope away,
Love's sunset at the dawn of day
And a fond heart that loved you best
Will die, will wither in my breast.
Upon this shore the price is paid
For dreams that trusting fools have made
For hopes I had no right to keep
Throughout the long, sad Ages' sleep.
I long to turn my back and say
I will not trust the light of day
Or seek tomorrow's vagrant dreams
Or rest, to hear the song of streams.
Best to be still, best to be dead
Or kill all hope of love instead.
Yet I, upon this shore, am true
And trust, beyond all hope, in you.

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Subject:One More Step.
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:9:41 pm.
One More Step.

Now come on, Samwise Gamgee, don't give in,
He has no strength left, so you must be strong.
Take one more step, one stride towards the goal
For Mr Bilbo and his walking song.

Just one step more, for sunset in the Shire,
With little Hobbits running home for tea,
For beer in the Green Dragon and the sound
Of all my dear friends shouting out to me.

One small step for the Gaffer and a fire
That does not stain a country with its ash
But warms the hands and hearts of Hobbits who
Have hurried home to dodge a sudden splash.

One step now for my garden, clad in dew,
As fair as elf-realms to the loving eye,
When the world's hope has faded I'll have faith
That what I love the best can never die.

One step for friendship, and another too.
He never asked too much, yet much he gave
And if this quest must end so dear a life,
They'll have to save me space within the grave.

One step for the first song of waking birds,
For mushrooms, apples, jam and fresh-made bread,
And for the shades of green that dress the Shire,
So hard to think of, here, where all is dead.

One step for dreams I had not wit to speak
Or maybe not the boldness to make known,
But something dearly wished may come to pass
And Rosie Cotton may yet be my own.

One step for Boromir, and Gondor too,
One step for Faramir of faithful heart
One step for Gandalf, he is worth a step
One step to prove that true friends never part.

One step for Elven kings beneath the sky,
One step for Dwarves, in hidden halls of stone,
One step for mortal men and all who die
And most of all, for those who die alone.

One step to prove a Hobbit can't be quelled
By dread or darkness or this poisoned ground,
One step to say that, though a world may fail,
This one dear friendship always will be sound.

Just one more step, though heart and lungs may burst,
And none may live to say that we stayed true.
Oh Samwise, don't let Mr Frodo down
Until you think he'd do the same to you.

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Subject:Brother (A Boromir Song)
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:9:32 pm.
Tune: Downtown.
Tune can be heard at: http://joeltr.home.comcast.net/midi_tracks/oldies/Downtown.htm

Do you remember when you lifted my sword
And nearly fell back down, brother?
You said that you would guard the city and lands
And never let them down, brother.
I laughed but still I wondered at the strength of will within you
And hoped that I would see the prize such faithfulness would bring you.
Now far away, I wonder if I will see
Again your dear well-loved features, your welcome for me.
You're a brother such as no man can claim,
Brother, you bless the very name,
Brother, yours is the face I would see!

All our endeavours would not burden me so
If you were with me here, brother.
Sometimes on night watch I have thought that I felt
Your presence very near, brother.
I know your thoughts aren't far away, I know you would be with me
If only father trusted you like me, can you forgive me?
Now far away, I wonder if I will see
Again your dear well-loved features, your welcome for me.
You're a brother such as no man can claim,
Brother, you bless the very name,
Brother, yours is the face I would see!

Maybe I'm bringing home a king to reward you
For fidelity, brother.
Maybe I had to leave one brother back there
That I could notice this other.
And Gondor's hope may not be spent and time may bring our glory
And Faramir and Boromir live on in myth and story.
Now far away, I wonder if I will see
Again your dear well-loved features, your welcome for me.
You're a brother such as no man can claim,
Brother, you bless the very name,
Brother, yours is the face I would see!

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Subject:Before Parting
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:9:29 pm.
Before Parting.

Until we stand there at the shore
I will not know what words may come
Or how I'll say farewell to one
Who held my hope when I was numb,
Who bore me when I could not stand
Across a dark and hopeless waste
And never turned away from me
Whatever evil thing we faced.
I'll weep, I know. Well, who would not?
You were my friend when friends were few,
Could I have picked from all who'd lived,
I'd find no better friend than you.
This journey cannot yet be yours
Though I will hope someday to see
A sail upon the shining waves
To bring dear Samwise there to me.
For now, I cannot bid you go,
Too many things now bind you here,
So I will weep, and so will you,
Yet there is beauty in our tears,
For we have seen the darkest things
That ever faced those doomed to die
Yet came alive back home and found
Our hearts are soft enough to cry.

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Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Subject:Invitation to new awards
Posted by:awardsanonymous.
Time:9:04 pm.
We would like to welcome you to The Big Anonymous Fanfiction Tales Awards (Baftas) which are running for the first time in the Tolkien fandom.

Nominations will open on June 1st 2005 at http://www.livejournal.com/community/baftas/

The Baftas are intended to try to bring a quality voters' choice award into the Tolkien fandom. Statement of Intent.Collapse )

[Disclaimer: The Arrangers behind Baftas wish to remain anonymous to minimise fandom politics, fangirling and to promote an award system based on quality over quantity or number of friends.]
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Saturday, May 7th, 2005

Subject:Song: Autumn in Rivendell
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:12:41 pm.
Autumn in Rivendell
Tune: Love is Like a Butterfly
Tune can be heard at: http://jhfoster.tripod.com/the70s.html

Autumn's come to Rivendell
Sweet voices call like ringing bells.
A time to rest before the path
Can claim your feet again.

If we have any kind of art
To lift the burdens from your hearts
We'll grant you peace in autumn days
Before the winter's come.

The leaves may gather round our feet
But we have many guests to greet,
And soon we'll fill the Hall of Fire
With poetry and song.

The autumn has to fade, we know,
And likewise all our guests will go
But we will trust that spring will come
And all our friends return.

Enjoy your time in Elrond's home
Before through wilder realms you roam
Enjoy the evening's happiness
Before the fall of night.

In Rivendell be glad of heart
This lovely land still stands apart
From mountains grim and lands that lie
Beneath a shadowed veil.

In Rivendell no harm will come
Until all Elven might's undone
Though leaves may fall, your tears will not
And laughter fills the dells.

So welcome then, to Rivendell
Where voices ring like silver bells,
Where Hope was sheltered long ago
And yet is to be found.

Though autumn's come to Rivendell
The borders all are sound.

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Subject:Song: The Lights of Bree
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:12:13 pm.
The Lights of Bree.
Tune: Auld Lang Syne.
Tune can be heard at: http://pws.gamewood.net/~byoung/midis/midi.htm

The lights of Bree look warm tonight
The Prancing Pony's packed
Through leaded windows I can see
The comfort I've long lacked.

A ranger walks a lonely road
And mine's more lonely still.
I know the driest place to sleep
On every local hill.

The lights of Bree remind me of
Those in a nobler place
Where Elrond dwells surrounded by
The fair immortal race.

In Rivendell I knew a home
Most loving, safe and kind.
Why do I wander in the wilds
And live on what I find?

The lights of Bree seem warm tonight,
The inn's guests laugh and shout
And though they think me strange and wild,
They will not shut me out.

And as I sit beside the fire
A beer mug in my hand,
I'll think about the things I do
And then I'll understand.

The lights of Bree will speak to me
Of this strange path of mine
And say because I gave up hearth
And home, Bree's lights still shine.

And if the folk of Bree don't know
I fight to keep them free,
At least I know my sword has kept
Alight the lights of Bree.

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Subject:A Boromir Song
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:12:09 pm.
Tune: House of the Rising Sun
Tune can be heard at: http://chris.cc/music.htm

Now Gondor's truest son is dead
Her bravest hero lost
And my heart, knowing him as friend
Is burned as if by frost.

When I met Boromir the bold
I felt a surge of pride
He proved the strength of Númenor
Had not entirely died.

His courage, no man could dispute,
His honour and his fire
And woe betide the reckless fool
Who chose to rouse his ire.

Against a cave troll or massed orcs
His courage never failed
He'd stand against the fellest foe
His strong heart never quailed.

His sword was swift to leave the sheath
Fierce words flew from his mouth
But all his great ferocity
Was used to serve the south.

His land, he swore, he would not fail
For Gondor's hope he fought
And for his sake I'll southwards take
The hope so dearly bought.

If I can ever take my throne
I swear, I'll try to be
So great a king that Boromir
Could not find fault with me.

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005

Subject:Éowyn at the Grave of Théoden.
Posted by:neneithel.
Time:12:12 pm.
Éowyn at the Grave of Théoden.

Near is the thought to me, sweet is the memory,
We were two children in his hall playing,
My uncle from the start found mine a daughter's heart,
Too loved, too loving to think once of straying.
He was my leader bold, he was my king of old,
Leading Éorl's tribe through the green grass swaying.
His bones are sheltered here, he who had conquered fear,
His name and deeds will not lie decaying.

Bright were his shining eyes, warm as the summer skies,
Yet filled with courage rare and noble bearing.
Great was his love for me, greater by far was he
Than those who hide at home, no danger daring.
Cold seems the touch of earth for one so warm from birth,
Yet in our forbears' halls, well he is faring.
Now I am young once more, standing here to adore
One who was quick to give, eager for sharing.

Let the rain fall like tears and green away dark fears
Let simbelmynë show love never dying.
What father ever gave such cause to grace his grave
With all the tender love his niece is sighing?
Truly a daughter I stand here beneath the sky,
Speaking his deeds with my voice cracked by crying.
Riders, this fine mound see kept with all dignity
Here now the pride of our people is lying.

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