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Two Songs.

The Paths of the Dead.
Tune: Away, Away (from The Pirates of Penzance)
Tune can be heard at:


The time has come, the hour is here,
My journey leads beneath the mountain peak
I go ahead to meet the dead,
And Gondor's hope is lost if I prove weak.

My childhood fears have no worth now
And if I cannot go this way we lose,
It was foretold this test would come
There is no other path that I can choose.


This seems a deadly and uncanny place
To meet the spirits of another race.
I'm not afraid of anything that breathes,
But here a deadly kind of silence seethes.

Yes, here a deadly silence seethes,
Yet I call faithless him that leaves.


For Aragorn's sake, we will weather the darkness.
Our best effort make in the strangeness and starkness.
We hold him as dear as a son or a brother
Then be of good cheer, we will strengthen each other.

For love of a friend, we'll go on together
Our love for our friend will our nervous hearts tether.
The Paths of the Dead have nothing to hurt us
But dark is the day if Gimli deserts us.


I will be true to those I love
Whatever danger lurks above.

My heart may know fear, my friend I will follow,
The time of my test has now come, indeed!


The Reunion of the Hobbits.
Tune: If You Go In, You're Sure to Win (from Iolanthe)
Tune can be heard at:

Here is a treat, all is complete,
We have survived to find each other
Small was the hope, yet like elf rope
Stronger by far than any other.

Though my heart was almost broken
Here's the day I longed for.

Let us feast gladly side by side,
Though we must mourn for those who died
We will remember evermore
How we survived this dreadful war.

In your dear eyes, I see the skies
Over the Shire forever shining
How we have done what we have done,
That is a wonder past divining.

Though my heart was almost broken
Here's the day I longed for.

Now we have shown we are not weak,
Though we are good and kind and meek,
Yet when we're needed to be strong
We pack up iur pots and just press on.

We can't be killed, far too strong-willed,
Far too defiant and devoted.
We fight despair and while we care
Fears are all by love outvoted.

Though my heart was almost broken
Here's the day I longed for.

We have found you and you've found us,
All must forgive the laughter and fuss
Though there is much to celebrate,
All other joys just have to wait.

Crowns and kings and cities great,
Shine with glory, pomp and state,
Yet I would give all else to see
Your three dear faces smile at me!

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