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A Song of Nos Uial

This is a song i made for a fan-fic i'm writing involving an original character of mine. His father was a minor bard/ servant in Doriath, a pupil of sorts of Daeron, who came from the people of Cirdan and married an elf woman from the Hidden Kingdom. According to the context of this song they once lived by the sea until their son was born, Celebrin, who is the main character of my fan-fic. the song is happier than some of the others that i have written but I enjoy it, hehe. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Over woods and hills of stone
there lies a land once green
where flowers covered the vale
with their moonlit sheen.
I lay there with my love
'neath the stars immortal
I, to those lamps above,
sang of joy and sorrow
of those long steps we treked
through wood, vale, and mountain
of bitter farewells we said
to dear friends long parted

And she, my beloved star
bade me sing no more
of the land we left afar
with tears 'pon her cheek
and to her new born womb
she led my gentle hand
from its silver-strung loom
and bade me sing of hope
her hand lay upon mine own cheek
her eyes shone as the young moon
sorrow shall I no longer seek
for joy she hath given me

And in this twilight of silver
we lie upon the shore of this land
and tightly hold one another
for the sea sings of our wedding bed.
Night surrounds we lovers twain
the willow-maiden and the star-tree
in joy we shall live again
'til the end of the beloved stars.
Now silence shall this singer take
for lovers oft do speak long words
this world of song no longer make
and leave I the singing to the sea
of my love and me,
of my love and me(soften)
of my love and me.

(sung to a drum beat - -- - -- - -----)
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