Neneithel (neneithel) wrote in lotr_poetry,

Legolas Poem: Returning to Mirkwood

Returning to Mirkwood.

I will return to my father's halls, to the vaulted halls of Thranduil.
I will lift from his heart the burden of long grief, a son's sorrow,
And tell him that his father was avenged, as the Ring fell into fire.
I will kiss my mother's cheek and banish her fears for me,
And say I came to no harm on the fields of conflict and battle,
But speak no word of the loss of Boromir, yet much of Gimli.
Him, I will call brother in my father's halls, so let them see him,
My brother of the battlefield, and dark places.
Oropher is avenged, old grudges ended,
Let not the woes of Thingol be blamed on the son of Glóin.
I will go home, though it seems home no longer,
For the sea has called me, and I am cursed with love,
Love of the white wave, the gull's wing, the wild sea.

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