celebrin_uial (celebrin_uial) wrote in lotr_poetry,

Song of the Sundered

Though long these roads we tred
a song rises in our breast
a dance lives in our steps
Though cold the night surrounds
a song surges from our lips
a dance the stars witness
here in the woods, 'neath the woven trees
Though long these paths we follow
a song brings light to eye
a dance the drum beats forth
and these lands of men hear our song again

Gone is our kingdom of silver and bronze
Gone our King of Grey Mantle
Gone our Queen, of the West unsullied
And gone our gentle princess
forever lost to they who loved her greatly
Gone is Beleg, Daeron and Mablung
Gone are Beren, Dior and Nimloth Rianeg

Yet now Sing!, Sing of the ancient days revived
Sing of songs lost in page and pen
that remain here, in our voices
in our feet
in our hands,
in our eyes
the songs of Dearon, of Beleg and of Luthien
The lays of our people undimmed
wandering but never lost
singing a bittersweet song of sorrow.

And sing! for the Days of Doriath remain
in Lorien, where stands the Silver Tree
In Greenwood, where sits Thranduil
In Mithlond, where serves the Twilight
In Imladris, Where lieth the blood of The Blessed Lost
Our kings are gone, our Kingdom fallen
and our people, In this sundering.
and Sing, for the world's ending
in the third age beneath the sun.
whom we have outlived.
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