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Finrod in Prison.

Finrod in Prison.

Not in this darkness, not here.
I will not submit to captivity
Or let these walls of stone surround my heart.
No, I am not trapped here,
Nor is my home hidden.
I can close my eyes and hold my harp
In the vaulted halls of Nargothrond.
This bitter water turns to wine in my mouth,
The wine of Thingol's table.
The sweetness restores me,
The memory heals my grief.
I will not die here, though he desires my death.
I cannot die, only my body can be broken.
Far away, my spirit sits watching
The fleet, fair ships of the Falathrim,
Or dances beneath the moon,
Or searches Valinor for my beloved.
He thinks he can make me less,
Thinks he can vanquish me.
He has the power to take my blood,
To break my bones, to kill me,
But I will not die, not here.
I can hear the Sirion's laughter at the thought.
I see the trees of Brethil shake with mirth.
In Tasarinen, birds are singing,
Chanting greater songs of power than mine.
In Tasarinen! I am there now, beneath the willows,
Breathing clean air, seeing the leaves dance.
Build stronger walls, oh fool! I have escaped!
Though you take the head, you cannot take the crown from it.
Cut out the heart, but you cannot seize the love.
I am your prisoner and yet beyond your reach.
Who is the captive, fool? Who has lost?
My horizons stretch forever, yours are encased in stone.
I am here for friendship, what brought you here?
Under what banner did you fight? To what purpose?
You have made a city of death, in mine is life.
Lamps will shine in Nargothrond tonight,
Harps will play. I can hear a woman singing
In the sweet tongue of the Sindar.
How fair they are, and how good!
Do you see your enemies dancing?
They mock you with every step,
For elves will dance long after you have been banished,
Long after your poison has left the world.
I pity you, poor creature, trapped in hate and fear,
Envying the elves in bitter sorrow.
You will never lie beneath the willows
And sing a wordless song for the joy of being alive.
Varda despises you and loves us.
Her hand is upon my shoulder even here.
She is not afraid of your guards.
Do you think to break my people like this?
They will survive my death and avenge it.
Can you fight Nargothrond and Gondolin?
Defy Melian and Thingol?
How will you pass the gates of Gondolin?
You cannot even find them!
Do you hope I will betray them?
I would not if I could.
No threat can frighten me enough,
Nor any promise entice me.
I am your captive, yet you are powerless!
I am the High King, you a poor gaoler.
I serve my people, yet am no slave.
You are served by many, yet are no master.
Still I dance and sing in Brethil, in Gondolin, in Nargothrond.
My laughter speeds on the waves with the Falathrim.
Venison is being prepared in my halls.
Can you not smell it? Listen! Children laugh.
Elven children, free and unafraid.
They are my victory and my revenge.
My people are forever, and while they live
Finrod cannot die. Did you think I could?
Not in this place, not in this darkness.
I dwell forever in the light of the stars.

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