Neneithel (neneithel) wrote in lotr_poetry,

Upon This Shore.

Upon This Shore.

Upon this shore, alll bonds untie
Undying friendships seem to die
And words that held our lives in place
Fall with the relics of our race.
In dust, in doubt, fond memories
Are scattered by the seaward breeze
And hands unclasp and hearts refrain
From speaking of their love again.
We hope to meet across the sea,
But will your heart remember me?
Or will I dare, when weak with years
To seek you, on this sea of tears?
I tried to speak a warm farewell
But eyes will speak what words can't tell
And bid you turn and see once more
The grieving friend upon this shore.
White sails will bear all hope away,
Love's sunset at the dawn of day
And a fond heart that loved you best
Will die, will wither in my breast.
Upon this shore the price is paid
For dreams that trusting fools have made
For hopes I had no right to keep
Throughout the long, sad Ages' sleep.
I long to turn my back and say
I will not trust the light of day
Or seek tomorrow's vagrant dreams
Or rest, to hear the song of streams.
Best to be still, best to be dead
Or kill all hope of love instead.
Yet I, upon this shore, am true
And trust, beyond all hope, in you.

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