Neneithel (neneithel) wrote in lotr_poetry,

One More Step.

One More Step.

Now come on, Samwise Gamgee, don't give in,
He has no strength left, so you must be strong.
Take one more step, one stride towards the goal
For Mr Bilbo and his walking song.

Just one step more, for sunset in the Shire,
With little Hobbits running home for tea,
For beer in the Green Dragon and the sound
Of all my dear friends shouting out to me.

One small step for the Gaffer and a fire
That does not stain a country with its ash
But warms the hands and hearts of Hobbits who
Have hurried home to dodge a sudden splash.

One step now for my garden, clad in dew,
As fair as elf-realms to the loving eye,
When the world's hope has faded I'll have faith
That what I love the best can never die.

One step for friendship, and another too.
He never asked too much, yet much he gave
And if this quest must end so dear a life,
They'll have to save me space within the grave.

One step for the first song of waking birds,
For mushrooms, apples, jam and fresh-made bread,
And for the shades of green that dress the Shire,
So hard to think of, here, where all is dead.

One step for dreams I had not wit to speak
Or maybe not the boldness to make known,
But something dearly wished may come to pass
And Rosie Cotton may yet be my own.

One step for Boromir, and Gondor too,
One step for Faramir of faithful heart
One step for Gandalf, he is worth a step
One step to prove that true friends never part.

One step for Elven kings beneath the sky,
One step for Dwarves, in hidden halls of stone,
One step for mortal men and all who die
And most of all, for those who die alone.

One step to prove a Hobbit can't be quelled
By dread or darkness or this poisoned ground,
One step to say that, though a world may fail,
This one dear friendship always will be sound.

Just one more step, though heart and lungs may burst,
And none may live to say that we stayed true.
Oh Samwise, don't let Mr Frodo down
Until you think he'd do the same to you.

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