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Song: Autumn in Rivendell

Autumn in Rivendell
Tune: Love is Like a Butterfly
Tune can be heard at:

Autumn's come to Rivendell
Sweet voices call like ringing bells.
A time to rest before the path
Can claim your feet again.

If we have any kind of art
To lift the burdens from your hearts
We'll grant you peace in autumn days
Before the winter's come.

The leaves may gather round our feet
But we have many guests to greet,
And soon we'll fill the Hall of Fire
With poetry and song.

The autumn has to fade, we know,
And likewise all our guests will go
But we will trust that spring will come
And all our friends return.

Enjoy your time in Elrond's home
Before through wilder realms you roam
Enjoy the evening's happiness
Before the fall of night.

In Rivendell be glad of heart
This lovely land still stands apart
From mountains grim and lands that lie
Beneath a shadowed veil.

In Rivendell no harm will come
Until all Elven might's undone
Though leaves may fall, your tears will not
And laughter fills the dells.

So welcome then, to Rivendell
Where voices ring like silver bells,
Where Hope was sheltered long ago
And yet is to be found.

Though autumn's come to Rivendell
The borders all are sound.

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