Neneithel (neneithel) wrote in lotr_poetry,

Song: The Lights of Bree

The Lights of Bree.
Tune: Auld Lang Syne.
Tune can be heard at:

The lights of Bree look warm tonight
The Prancing Pony's packed
Through leaded windows I can see
The comfort I've long lacked.

A ranger walks a lonely road
And mine's more lonely still.
I know the driest place to sleep
On every local hill.

The lights of Bree remind me of
Those in a nobler place
Where Elrond dwells surrounded by
The fair immortal race.

In Rivendell I knew a home
Most loving, safe and kind.
Why do I wander in the wilds
And live on what I find?

The lights of Bree seem warm tonight,
The inn's guests laugh and shout
And though they think me strange and wild,
They will not shut me out.

And as I sit beside the fire
A beer mug in my hand,
I'll think about the things I do
And then I'll understand.

The lights of Bree will speak to me
Of this strange path of mine
And say because I gave up hearth
And home, Bree's lights still shine.

And if the folk of Bree don't know
I fight to keep them free,
At least I know my sword has kept
Alight the lights of Bree.

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