Neneithel (neneithel) wrote in lotr_poetry,

A Boromir Song

Tune: House of the Rising Sun
Tune can be heard at:

Now Gondor's truest son is dead
Her bravest hero lost
And my heart, knowing him as friend
Is burned as if by frost.

When I met Boromir the bold
I felt a surge of pride
He proved the strength of Númenor
Had not entirely died.

His courage, no man could dispute,
His honour and his fire
And woe betide the reckless fool
Who chose to rouse his ire.

Against a cave troll or massed orcs
His courage never failed
He'd stand against the fellest foe
His strong heart never quailed.

His sword was swift to leave the sheath
Fierce words flew from his mouth
But all his great ferocity
Was used to serve the south.

His land, he swore, he would not fail
For Gondor's hope he fought
And for his sake I'll southwards take
The hope so dearly bought.

If I can ever take my throne
I swear, I'll try to be
So great a king that Boromir
Could not find fault with me.

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