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Éowyn at the Grave of Théoden.

Éowyn at the Grave of Théoden.

Near is the thought to me, sweet is the memory,
We were two children in his hall playing,
My uncle from the start found mine a daughter's heart,
Too loved, too loving to think once of straying.
He was my leader bold, he was my king of old,
Leading Éorl's tribe through the green grass swaying.
His bones are sheltered here, he who had conquered fear,
His name and deeds will not lie decaying.

Bright were his shining eyes, warm as the summer skies,
Yet filled with courage rare and noble bearing.
Great was his love for me, greater by far was he
Than those who hide at home, no danger daring.
Cold seems the touch of earth for one so warm from birth,
Yet in our forbears' halls, well he is faring.
Now I am young once more, standing here to adore
One who was quick to give, eager for sharing.

Let the rain fall like tears and green away dark fears
Let simbelmynë show love never dying.
What father ever gave such cause to grace his grave
With all the tender love his niece is sighing?
Truly a daughter I stand here beneath the sky,
Speaking his deeds with my voice cracked by crying.
Riders, this fine mound see kept with all dignity
Here now the pride of our people is lying.

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